About the Jewish Digital Archive Project

The Jewish Digital Archive Project (JDAP) is a project undertaken by the South African Jewish Museum, with the support of the Kaplan-Kushlick Foundation, to preserve the social history of the Southern African Jewish community. JDAP is not an academic archive, but rather a vehicle whereby Southern African Jews are able to secure and explore their shared heritage. The migratory nature of Southern African Jews has resulted in SA Jews settling all over the globe. Despite this broad footprint, many of these Jews have retained close links with South Africa and remained a distinct cultural grouping with shared memories and common experiences. JDAP aims to secure and share this common history for future generations. Digital technology allows for anyone to create a record of their family history. JDAP provides a central, internet based resource to do this. Families can explore their heritage and share their own stories. By scanning and uploading photos, documents, films, stories – essentially any historical materials – JDAP members, in a personal manner, add to the richness of our community’s past. We invite you to help build the archive by uploading material and exploring the archive adding insight and information to the content where relevant. JDAP belongs to the wider Southern African Jewish community, wherever they may be.