About The Archive

The Jewish Digital Archive Project (JDAP) is a community project located at the South African Jewish Museum in Cape Town that connects people by creating an online home for your old movies and photographs. JDAP began in 2011 at the Kaplan Centre at UCT, under the auspices of Milton Shain with the assistance of Janine Blumberg, with the aim of expanding and deepening our understanding of Southern African Jewish Social History.

Why share your stories? Leave a legacy for future generations-we want to learn from the good, the bad, the struggles and the triumphs. We want to listen to your story; through chatting, questioning and remembering the past! Storytelling is powerful because it can facilitate dialogue, break down stereotypes, connect us to our past and help heal after painful experiences.

On this site, you can view and share your histories and memories with others. The archive integrates the present with the past making it a living archive, ensuring that future generations benefit from stories of the past, and even keep up with the present. With its uploading facility, JDAP can be constantly updated. What is contemporary now will soon be lost in history if it is not shared.


Even the under-appreciated domestic home video illuminates an important period of social history. Have you ever thought that your Barmitzvah or wedding film could be history in the making?