Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us

Why should I donate my material?

By uploading material on to the website precious material is no longer at risk of being damaged. Pen and pencil marks in letters will not fade and photographs can’t be easily lost.

What happens to my material once I donate it?
Once you donate a particular collection your name will appear beneath it. (Photographs and documents will be watermarked and in low resolution. This means it can’t be copied easily. If people want access to high resolution photographs they will contact the archive directly. Once your material that is sent to us has been scanned, you can have copy of it on DVD. We can give you your original material back or store it for you.
What information should I include when handing over the material?
  • For photos please include the collections name (Your name), title, date and some keywords so they are google-friendly.
  • For film we will provide you with a log sheet to identify names, places and dates
  • For interviews please include name, date, title and place.
What happens if I live outside of South Africa?

Your best option is to upload your material to the site. If you are not able to do so, please e-mail us about your collections to make a suitable arrangement.

What happens if I don’t know remember any names of the people in the photos?
Send what you have, part of the function of the website is that names and places are continually updated.
Who has copyright over my images? (can we add more detail / include copyright form?)
JDAP shares the rights with you for education, documentary, research and JDAP marketing purposes. If you are a professional photographer the copyright is suitably adjusted. Please see the form on the uploading page. Should we receive a request that differs from this, you will be contacted directly for permission.
How do I register?
You can register by filling out your basic contact details on the Home Page, just scroll down.
What can I do if I don’t register?
You can enjoy searching the database for interesting photos, films and documents.