Jaffee Children

Laurie and Jean had four children. Georgina born in 1956; Mark in 1958; Richard in 1960 and Lloyd in 1964.

Georgina Jaffee

Georgina Jaffee was born in Johannesburg in 1956.After matriculating in South Africa, she completed her A levels in England. She commenced tertiary studies at the University of Witwatersrand, but transferred to the University of Toronto where she completed her Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees. Returning to South Africa in 1982 she worked as a journalist and researcher for Work in Progress, convened and co-ordinated the first South African Review for the Southern African Research Services, and then lectured in the Sociology Department at the University of the Witwatersrand. The primary focus of her research and publishing was on women’s issues, trade unions, co-operatives and industrialisation. In 1989 she founded Cope Affordable Housing (COPE), a non-governmental organisation which developed social housing in the inner-city of Johannesburg. COPE played a major role in formulating new housing policy for the first post-apartheid government.Georgina worked for a number of years as country representative in South Africa for Rooftops Canada, an NGO providing technical support and services for the social housing sector. She received two international awards for her work in this field. She later qualified as an executive coach, providing coaching services to both government and non-governmental organisations. During this time, she also wrote a biography of her great-great uncle, Joffe Marks, A Family Memoir.She has served on numerous boards, including those of the Social Housing Foundation, COPE, and Tolego Eco Village. She was involved in founding the Social Justice Initiative which raises funds to strengthen implementation of the South African Constitution. She continues to serve on the SJI board. In 2012 she moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town, where she currently resides. She is married to Glenn Moss. They have two children, Michael and Anthony.

Mark Jaffee was married to Christiane Henriette Mandell and they have a son called Harrison Jaffee He was then married to Dana Monique Cala and they had a son called Jack. Both childern live in the United States.

Richard Jaffee 

Richard was born in 1960 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He completed a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and a Certificate in the Theory of Accountancy at the University of Capetown in 1984. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1985 and completed his articles with Arthur Andersen. In 1989, he joined the Bank Insinger de Beaufort Group in Johannesburg. Over his 15 year career at Insinger which included relocating to their London office in 1994 he was actively involved in the management of the trust and fiduciary, private client wealth management and corporate finance businesses. In March 2004 Richard joined the Credo Group, an independent financial services group offering private clients personalised wealth management solutions. Richard joined the Stonehage Group(a multi family office offering global trust, fiduciary and investment services to clients) in September 2007 as a private client Relationship Director. In January 2010 Richard was recruited to head up a Single Family Office for an international UHNW family and currently serves as director, trustee, protector, investment committee member for a number of families. Richard was co founder of a charity in London, Euro Chai South Africa, which raises funds from ex South Africans living in the UK and internationally for a number of South African charities. Richard married Simone Blank in 1993 and they have two children Alexandra (1996) and Nicholas (1998)

Lloyd Jaffee was married to Breanne Rubenstein and had twins – a daughter Kaila and a son Aaron. He is now married to Tanya (née Boic) and has a son, Illiya.

There are various videos of family life both in Rivonia and Sandhurst, Johannesburg. The videos are interesting particularly in their portrayal of staff and carers. In the one video, only the hands of the African helpers are shown as they serve the young birthday party participants; in the other, the Scottish nanny, Margaret Henderson, is present but never acknowledged, and one video of the farm shows very young farmworkers sitting outside their simple abodes. The archive does not trace the history of this generation. Return to the Jaffee Family collection…


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