Established in 1966, Glendale Home was the result of a concerned group of people recognizing the necessity for a home for the intellectually disabled Jewish community. Following the renovation of the original house (now known as the Homestead), building on the current home was begun in 1971 once the facility proved too small. In 1986, a further addition was built, expanding the home even further.

Glendale’s mission is to provide care to those intellectually disabled persons within the Jewish community. Such care includes residential and holiday care, physiotherapy, training and counseling, and an occupational and stimulation centre for the residents, which offers programmes each day focusing on music, art and news-telling. Glendale encourages working on one’s abilities rather than focus on one’s disabilities. Residents are encouraged to care for themselves as much as possible with minimal supervision.

This collection includes several photographs of the residents taking part in activities, a booklet concerning the fiftieth anniversary of the Jewish Sheltered Employment Centre, and several newspaper clippings concerning social activities and issues concerning Glendale around 1982 to 1983. (VHS currently unknown?)

(Glendale is part of Jewish Care Cape, an organization which caters for the community’s psycho-social and other health needs through autonomous social service agencies)


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