Henia Bryer

Henia Bryer

Henia Bryer gave of her time and photographs to the collection. Henia was born in Radom in 1913. She was 13 when the war broke out and her little sister Mila was taken away in 1944, and sent to a crematorium in Auschwitz. Her older brother, who was also handicapped, was taken away. After the war, she went on to serve in the Israel army during the War of Independence. She taught for 42 years, mostly in Bloemfontein, until her retirement in 2000. Henia talks openly about her past and about her experiences in Auschwitz. We were privileged to view some of her photographs that she had been preserving for many years, before they were shipped off to Europe. Henia also spoke at the Soups and Stories event at the Cape Senior Society where she spoke about some of the powerful friendships she formed during Auschwitz, one was with a particular friend who used to teach her poetry and prose in the camps.



  1. I just watched the documentary about Henia Bryer. Is there any way I could get her address? I would like to write to her.

    Lougenia Johnston

  2. I am a teacher in Wisconsin and would love to talk to you and see if you could come to my school to share your story! Please email me back!!!! Thank you for your time, your story, the documentary. I hope you can come to central Wisconsin to share your story!!! Take care. Colin.

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