Margaret Bloom

Margaret Bloom:

Margaret Miller (Margie) was born in South Africa in 1917. She died in 2002. Her parents were Anne Leah Friedman (1898 – 1944) and Morris Miller (1888 – 1951) both born in Lithuania. They met in South Africa and married in 1915. They had three children: Margaret Roslyn, Hilna (1922) and Norma Evelyn (1926). Hilna died at age 2. Margaret’s maternal grandparents were Isaac Friedman and Faiga Zelda Gross. Isaac was a rabbi and they lived in Lithuania which at that time was in Russia in a village near Riga known as Kurshan. Their home languages were Russian and Yiddish. They had six children: Sadie (who died at 35), Joe, Morris, Anne Leah, Rebecca (Becky) and Pauline (Polly). Attached is a photo of the family from 1917 with ages as follows: Back (left to right): Rebecca (Becky) 17, Joe 25, Morris 23, Anne Leah 19. Front (left to right): Pauline Charlotte (Polly) 12, Isaac 53, Faiga Zelda 55, Sadie 21. Margaret’s paternal grandparents were Hillel Miller and Golda (?) who originally lived in Telzh in Lithuania. Hillel was a miller and it is believed that his is one of those stories where at the immigration desk when he arrived in South Africa, when asked for his name and occupation, he gave it incorrectly as “Miller”. It is thought that the rest of the family has the name Simon (derived from something like Sieman). They had six children: Anne, Ida Jack, David, Morris and Philip.

Margaret married Joseph (“Joe”) Bloom in 1938 and they had two children, Anthony (“Tony”) and Susan. She was known for her elegance and style, and had a great zest for life.

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