Pokroy (Lithuania)

Pokroy (Lithuania)

One of several collections depicting life in Lithuania pre-World War Two, the Pokroy collection depicts the family and friends of Beckie Hoffman in the town of Pokroy.



  1. Some of my Ancesters are from Pokroy Lithuania a fact I just recently found out , I never knew most of my family as I grew up in a foster home and my father (who never mentioned his family ) spoke fluent Lithuanian as well as English .
    Can someone please send me any information possible about my Slogeris Ancesters , please .
    I have ask what family members I have been able to find over the past couple of years many questions but no one will tell me anything , I’ve already tried Ancestery.com that’s how I found out about Pok

    • I have been research on my family from Pokroy. If you are, or may have been Jewish I suggest you go to jewishgen.org

      They have extensive data on Pokroy.

      Good luck!


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