• I am giving the Jewish Digital Archive the rights to use my content in the following ways:
    • on their website, blog and facebook page
    • in exhibitions, promotional videos, documentaries and at community events.
    • for research and educational purposes
    • I understand that in some cases JDAP may chose to edit or exclude some of my material. i.e; select only certain photographs or cut certain scenes out of an interview or film.
    • There is no need for researchers and scholars to contact the donor directly, permission for use of material can be granted by the director of JDAP.
    • When the material is online I understand that if it is a photograph it will be in low-resolution and watermarked. I understand that JDAP will do their best to ensure it is not easily downloadable and can not be easily plagiarized.
    • I trust that JDAP will do their best to credit me and my material where appropriate.
    • If there are changes to the above JDAP will contact me.