Devon (Gauteng)


The town of Devon is situated about 80 km east of Johannesburg in the former Transvaal.┬áIt was one of the towns known for its farming activities and formed part of the “Tel Aviv strip”.

It has been difficult to ascertain the dates of the first Jewish arrivals in the town, however by 1915 there were at least two Jewish farmers here – Abraham Sax and Isaac Goldblatt.

The Devon community was closely affiliated to the Leslie Hebrew Congregation. As there was no formal synagogue in Devon, the occasional service was held in the Devon Hotel.

Around the year 1948, there were seven Jewish farmers in the Devon area. Other economic activities included millers, a pharmacist, hoteliers, a garage owner and businessmen/general dealers.

In 1953 there were 21 Jews in the town, in 1971 there were 27 and by 1980 there were three. There were four Jews left in Devon in 1997.