Rayton (Gauteng)

Rayton is found in the former Transvaal (now Gauteng) close to Cullinan and Pretoria.

The Jewish community here was always very small. Joseph Kisner came to Rayton in 1898 and the Kisner family lived here for many years. Kisner fought in the Anglo Boer War (1899 1902) on the side of the British. Another early settler was Joseph Friedman, who bought a farm here in 1912.

There were few Jewish communal activities as such, but the Jews did contribute to various causes. Because there were so few Jews, there was no Hebrew congregation. The Jewish residents of Rayton mainly went to Pretoria for High Holy Day services, or observed the festivals as best they could.

The Jews were employed mainly as farmers and general dealers.
No official census data is available for the number of Jews in Rayton. Community records for the years 1954 to 1976 indicate only three Jews.

The Friedman family left in 1973 at which time only the Dreyer family remained. They left soon thereafter to live in Pretoria.