Rouxville (Free State)


Rouxville is a small town near the Cape border, close to Aliwal North.

There is little information on the Jews of Rouxville.

One of the earliest settlers was John Ruben, who came from Manchester in 1898 and opened a store. Max Lapping and his wife Jenny came around the same time and opened a kosher hotel.

The Hebrew Congregation was very active in the 1930s. A Jewish cemetery is maintained by the local municipality, but only 2 of the graves have tombstones.

The Ruben family, who lived in Rouxville, are buried in the Jewish cemetery in Aliwal North.

There were 29 Jews in Rouxville in 1904 and 49 in 1936. By 1951 there were only five Jews living in Rouxville and in 1991, only one Jew remained.