Yzerfontein (Western Cape)


Yzerfontein is a resort town on the Cape west coast, between Darling and Langebaan along the R27.

The founder and first director of Yzerfontein Seaside Estates was Abraham Katz of Malmesbury. He began farming in the area in 1900, and established himself as a farmer in the south-western, western and northern Cape and Namibia. He was commonly referred to as a ‘Boerejood’ or Afrikaans-speaking Jew and he was a respected and valued member of the local community.

When Abraham Katz met his friend Jimmy Rees in Cape Town in 1936, Rees told him that the farm (Yzerfontein) was for sale and tried to convince him to buy it. Rees took Abraham and his son Lutie (Louis Philip) to Yzerfontein and showed him the boundaries of the farm. It was Lutie who turned to his father and said “Buy, Dad”. That was the beginning of the little town, as the Katzes subdivided the land into residential plots and began to develop the region.

The company (Yzerfontein Seaside Estates) was later taken over by Lutie, and control of the resort still remains in the hands of the Katz family, and is managed today by Jeff and Dennis Katz, the sons of Lutie Katz.