Astra incorporates the Jewish Sheltered Employment Centre, Workability, Group Homes, Coffee Time and Gift Time, all aimed at maintaining a meaningful, self-sufficient work experience for Jewish South Africans with special needs. The Jewish Sheltered Employment centre moved to its current location in Breda Street in 1956, and today hosts a full team of 64 workers. The centre’s committee has been vital in the establishment of Glendale in 1966 and Rosecourt House in 1986. Workers attend the Employment Centre Monday to Friday, from 09h00 to 16h00 with a tea and lunch break, and are awarded monthly attendance pay. Within the centre, all Jewish holidays are observed and celebrated, with a Rosh Hashana party held every year and a Channukah party hosted for the workers by the Ladies Guild of the Gardens Synagogue. The Centre itself is used in the training of social workers from the University of Cape Town under the direct supervision of Director Merle Furman. Included in the collection are two VHS tapes from the Jewish Sheltered Employment Centre and over a hundred photos of workers taking part in various activities.


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