The Jewish Digital Archive Project is made possible by the generous support of the Kaplan-Kushlick Foundation (South Africa) and the Carl Schlettwein Foundation (Basel, Switzerland).


South African Jewish Museum

JDAP is based at the South African Jewish Museum and form part of the museum’s commitment retaining and presenting the history of South Africa’s Jewish community. Situated in the midst of arguably the most interesting and historic urban square miles in the country, and on a campus that includes SA’s first, oldest and surely grandest synagogue, the South African Jewish Museum is a modern museum whose contents mirror this fusion of the old world and the new.

Carl Schlettwein Foundation

“The Carl Schlettwein Foundation is located in the “Tscheggenbürlins Hus” at Klosterberg 21 in Basel. It is a funding partner for documentation and research projects on southern Africa, especially Namibia, and awards scholarships to Namibian students enrolled at a university in southern Africa.”